Our Staff

Our teachers are dedicated to the intentional and compassionate nurturing of their students, preparing them for bright lives of service, with hearts that seek their Creator and long for heaven.



Mrs. Pires

Mrs. Pires is our PreK teacher. She enjoys music, baking, reading, taking nature walks and road trips, and loves Jesus. She has a lot of fun working with our youngest students!


Mrs. Spinolo

Mrs. Spinolo teaches our Kindergarten to Second Grade class. She loves Jesus and her big family, enjoys working outside, exploring nature and antique shops, raising chickens, reading and learning new things. 


Mr. Raney

Mr. Raney is our 3rd-8th grade teacher. He enjoys taking walks with his puppy Daisy, collecting interesting things, he is also a singer, pianist and self declared sci-fi nerd. 


Ms. Eckright

Ms. Eckright is our paraprofessional in all of our classrooms. She loves reading, knitting and crochet, hiking and the color purple.